New Levels Of Competitiveness In Automotive Technology

The automotive industry in Mexico continues to grow, only in June year-on-year production rose 4.9%, while exports climbed 12% according to figures from the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA); despite the uncertainty generated at the beginning of 2017 by the renegotiation plans in the NAFTA of the president of the United States. What will be the outlook for the automotive technology market?

About technological progress

The leading manufacturers in the automotive industry are already getting more and more on the development of electric vehicles.


About technological progress, the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry are already getting more and more on the development of electric vehicles.

A report by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance research group suggests that by 2025 and 2030 the cost of electric cars will become more competitive compared to vehicles with internal combustion propulsion, once this happens, the adoption by the masses will be immediate

If this prediction is correct, the consequences will be not only for the automotive industry but for the oil markets and energy policies to stop global warming.

Leading companies are already joining the change in automotive technology such as Tesla, Volkswagen and recently Volvo by announcing that all their cars launched from 2019 will have an electric drive either as hybrids, with plug-in technology or pure electric, in response to current and future needs.

In the study, the projection is that thanks to batteries, hybrid and electric cars will make up 54% of worldwide sales by 2040, which will exceed the sales of models with combustion engines.

Given the increase in the use of electric vehicles, world consumption would be reduced by almost 8 million barrels of transport fuel per day, compared to 98 million that are currently consumed per day.

For its part, the International Energy Agency estimates that electric vehicles should represent 40% of sales in 2040 so that the world can meet the objectives set in the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Land Rover Parts For Sale in South Africa

Land Rover is a brand of a motor vehicle which focuses on 4×4 vehicles. The owner of the car brand is a British multinational vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover which has been under the ownership of India’s car manufacturer Tata Motors from 2008. The brand is considered a British icon, and King George VI granted it a Royal Warrant in 1951. Originally, the name Land Rover’ was used by the Rover Company Series, established in 1948. Subsequently, it grew into a brand which comprises a variety of 4×4 models: Defender, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Today, Land Rovers are assembled in China, India, England and other world markets.

Although Land Rover cars and mechanical parts are made to last, they in reality as well have accidents and breakdowns which need repairs and quality Land Rover spares for such repairs. Finding Land Rover accessories and spares is sometimes more challenging than anticipated and when the Land Rover agents cannot get you the spares you need, ordering could take some time and they may as well prove unobtainable if you are not aware where to get them.

land rover driving on dirt roadFind Land Rover Engines For Sale in South Africa

In South Africa, Land Rover scrap yards and used parts suppliers have established stores of off-road 4X4 spares which have been salvaged or stripped from Land Rover cares which are no longer suitable for off-road or public roads usage. The
scrapyards stock every type of used Land Rover parts which include some new spares which have been removed from different Land Rovers that were involved in accidents and the insurers wrote them off or they were simply too expensive to
repair. If you are searching for spares for your four-wheel-drive, the best and most affordable place to look for are the auto and commercial four-wheel-drive yards in South Africa. Specialist car scrapyards sell both used 4×4 spare parts and
accessories for the vehicles and stock various new Land Rover parts for your car.

Scrap yards which specialize in the Land Rover car brand normally stock other four-wheel-drive cars and spares. The scrapyards usually purchase their units as salvage cars with the aim to strip down to the bare chassis of good parts which can be reused and the accessories to resell to the motor industry and public sectors that comprise service centers mechanical workshops, panel beaters and auto body repairs. You can get new parts from Land Lover agents but at inflated costs compared to the scrapyard spares dealers who sell parts at a much lower price. The auto scrapyards offer a range of used spare parts including body parts such as fenders, doors, windscreens, dashboards, bumpers, and tires. They also stock engine parts like pistons, cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshafts, along with suspension parts such as
coil rings, ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links, shocks and Upper/Lower Control Arms. Likewise, they sell electronic parts such as batteries, alternators, ECU’s and looms.

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What Technology Should Not Be Missing In A Modern Car?


When we talk about automotive technology, the first thing that usually goes through the mind of the user little involved with the world of the ‘irons’ is what you find on the driving board: gadgets such as radios that are synchronized with the smartphone through Bluetooth , controls to control the communication from the rudder, screens to help in navigation (or, even, to project videos and thus keep the passengers of the subsequent seats entertained), navigation computers that inform you of your current rate of consumption of fuel and how many more kilometers are missing for the next service, and even cars connected to the internet, are all benefits that undoubtedly influence the comfort of a vehicle and can be decisive to make a purchase decision.

However, and without this saying that the above is not essential, the technology that makes the difference between a car and another is the one that is not seen. That is the technologies that facilitate and make the management more secure.

A technology that cannot be missing in a modern car is assisted braking, also known as ABS. This system prevents the wheels from locking when the driver presses the brake pedal, which significantly reduces the risk of skidding and misdirection.

Another technological support that is essential in modern cars is the airbags, which when used in combination with the safety belt significantly reduce the risk of death or severe injury in a traffic accident. The minimum that a car that is considered avant-garde should have is frontal airbags for the pilot and co-pilot, but it is also recommended that it has side airbags and curtain airbags.

The engine in Land Rover Freelander vehicles is responsible for generating the power that makes the vehicle move.

There are different kinds of the engine; there are two or four times, gasoline, also called explosion engines, or diesel, known as combustion engines.

The basic operation of the engine is based on the expansion of fuel and air inside the chamber.

Rudolf invented the diesel engine in 1892. Currently, diesel engines are an economical option if we consider that their consumption is lower and have a higher performance.

The explosion engine consists of an internal combustion engine, also called a gasoline engine or Otto engine. These engines use the fuel explosion, thanks to a spark caused by the spark plug.

Rebuilt engines are a great purchase option because they are much cheaper than new ones and have quality and warranty certificates. During the reconstruction process, the engine is disassembled and cleaned correctly; new ones replace all the friction parts, later it is reassembled and subjected to strict quality controls.

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