About Us

Our purpose is simple: To offer good quality used land rover parts at reasonable prices to land rover enthusiasts in South Africa and the rest of the world in general. Situated in the Pretoria, here at JM Land Rovers we help enthusiasts to find the parts they are looking for. Not always can we help – but as landy enthusiasts ourselves – we do our best! We stock a range of used land rover parts from early series to later defender models and everything in between.

Our policy: With 15 years of experience in the land rover community, we have built up a large network of contacts within the Gauteng which is from where the majority of our used parts are sourced. We are not land rover ‘breakers’ and we do NOT dismantle vehicles for profit. Occasionally we acquire vehicles that have sadly reached the stage where they are beyond economic repair. All such landies have any good serviceable parts removed and we store them in our workshops and are available for purchase.

Used Land Rover Parts

By keeping land Rover parts which would otherwise have ended up in the crusher, we are helping to keep more Land Rovers on the road (and off!) which is after all, where they belong. We NEVER dismantle repairable vehicles. We like to think of ourselves as landy recyclers and we are definitely very green!

  • 90/110 Models: Tdi’s, Turbo Diesels, Petrol, V8’s, Hardtops, Station Wagons & Pickups
  • Swb/Lwb Series Models: Diesels, Petrol, V8’s, Hardtops, Station Wagons & Pickups
  • A variety of vehicles for restoration or repair
  • Many Land-Rover parts and accessories new and used