Land Rover Parts For Sale in South Africa

Land Rover is a brand of a motor vehicle which focuses on 4×4 vehicles. The owner of the car brand is a British multinational vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover which has been under the ownership of India’s car manufacturer Tata Motors from 2008. The brand is considered a British icon, and King George VI granted it a Royal Warrant in 1951. Originally, the name Land Rover’ was used by the Rover Company Series, established in 1948. Subsequently, it grew into a brand which comprises a variety of 4×4 models: Defender, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Today, Land Rovers are assembled in China, India, England and other world markets.

Although Land Rover cars and mechanical parts are made to last, they in reality as well have accidents and breakdowns which need repairs and quality Land Rover spares for such repairs. Finding Land Rover accessories and spares is sometimes more challenging than anticipated and when the Land Rover agents cannot get you the spares you need, ordering could take some time and they may as well prove unobtainable if you are not aware where to get them.

land rover driving on dirt roadFind Land Rover Engines For Sale in South Africa

In South Africa, Land Rover scrap yards and used parts suppliers have established stores of off-road 4X4 spares which have been salvaged or stripped from Land Rover cares which are no longer suitable for off-road or public roads usage. The
scrapyards stock every type of used Land Rover parts which include some new spares which have been removed from different Land Rovers that were involved in accidents and the insurers wrote them off or they were simply too expensive to
repair. If you are searching for spares for your four-wheel-drive, the best and most affordable place to look for are the auto and commercial four-wheel-drive yards in South Africa. Specialist car scrapyards sell both used 4×4 spare parts and
accessories for the vehicles and stock various new Land Rover parts for your car.

Scrap yards which specialize in the Land Rover car brand normally stock other four-wheel-drive cars and spares. The scrapyards usually purchase their units as salvage cars with the aim to strip down to the bare chassis of good parts which can be reused and the accessories to resell to the motor industry and public sectors that comprise service centers mechanical workshops, panel beaters and auto body repairs. You can get new parts from Land Lover agents but at inflated costs compared to the scrapyard spares dealers who sell parts at a much lower price. The auto scrapyards offer a range of used spare parts including body parts such as fenders, doors, windscreens, dashboards, bumpers, and tires. They also stock engine parts like pistons, cylinder heads, camshafts, and crankshafts, along with suspension parts such as
coil rings, ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizer links, shocks and Upper/Lower Control Arms. Likewise, they sell electronic parts such as batteries, alternators, ECU’s and looms.

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